How do i add additional nodes


i have a 3 nodes version 2.3.6 running in production. recently, the workload has been increasing. (ie number of bulk inserts and query) - the heapsize has been increased to 30GB. there are occasions where it just hit out of memory exceptions

is there any guide on adding the 4th node? will the additional node helps?

Hi, you can find more information about scaling CrateDB here:

Yes, I’ve setup my cluster and everything is working with the Classic Load Balancer. But I can’t get it to work with the Network Load balancer because the Health Checks are not getting through for some reason.
Did you succeed in this? Do you have a working setup?

Sorry, somehow I’ve replied to the wrong thread… please ignore my comment above


Is there any way to speed up the initial shard replication? Maybe using file-based transfers or something?
I currently play around and syncing 30GB (300k entries in table) takes ages (I’m using one replica per node). It looks like the data is only replicated to the new node quite slowly.