Overview of CrateDB integration tutorials

We’ve created many integration-focused tutorials to help you use CrateDB with other awesome tools and libraries.:point_down:
All tutorials require the working installation of CrateDB.

Tool Articles/Tutorials
Apache Airflow CrateDB and Apache Airflow: Automating Data Export to S3
CrateDB and Apache Airflow: Implementation of a Data Retention Policy
CrateDB and Apache Airflow: Building a data ingestion pipeline
CrateDB and Apache Airflow: Building a hot/cold storage data retention policy
Apache Arrow Import Parquet files into CrateDB using Apache Arrow and SQLAlchemy
Apache Kafka Data Ingestion using Kafka and Kafka Connect — CrateDB: How-Tos
Apache NiFi Connecting to CrateDB from Apache NiFi
Apache Superset Use CrateDB and Apache Superset for Open Source Data Warehousing and Visualization
Balena Deploying CrateDB on balena.io
Prometheus CrateDB and Prometheus for long-term metrics storage
PowerBI Reports with CrateDB and Power BI Desktop — CrateDB: How-Tos
Real Time Reports with CrateDB and Power BI — CrateDB: How-Tos
Dapr Connecting to CrateDB from Dapr
DataGrip Use CrateDB With DataGrip, an Advanced Database IDE
JMeter Jmeter JDBC Connection to CrateDB - #2 by jayeff
Grafana Visualizing time series data with Grafana and CrateDB
Node-RED Ingesting MQTT messages into CrateDB using Node-RED
R CrateDB with R — CrateDB: How-Tos
SQLPad Use CrateDB With SQLPad, a Self-Hosted Query Tool and Visualizer
Tableau Using CrateDB with Tableau
Telegraf Use CrateDB With Telegraf, an Agent for Collecting & Reporting Metrics
TensorFlow Distributed Deep-Learning with CrateDB and TensorFlow — CrateDB: How-Tos
Terraform Deploying CrateDB to the cloud via Terraform
Trino Connecting to CrateDB using Trino