Starting out with cratedb

Is there a doc on database design for time series data IOT sensors and cratedb that I can start out with.
Dos and donts.
partitioned tables with composite keys.
Beginners guide


Hi @bww00

Unfortunately we don’t have such a guide yet, but it is definitely on our back log.
Of course schema design largely depends on what you want to achieve i.e. it is quite different if you want to store high frequency data and.

A typical time series table might look something like this:

   id bigint,
   value double precision,
   metadata object,
   ts timestamp with time zone,
   ts_month timestamp with time zone GENERATED ALWAYS AS date_trunc('month', ts)
 ) PARTITIONED BY (ts_month);

I would like to point you to the following:

If you are more specific, what you want to achieve, I might be able to give you some hints.
Further I can offer you to have a short call to discuss your use case.

Best regards