Workaround for connecting CrateDB and Apache Superset with HTTPS

We recently published an updated blog post on using CrateDB with Apache Superset. Afterwards we noticed that a bug in the crate-python library does prevents the usage of HTTPS connections.

Until this bug is fixed you can use the following workaround to use Apache Superset in combination with HTTPS.

Step 1

Add a database connection to CrateDB or edit your existing connection.

Step 2

Set the SQLAlchemy URI to crate://<username>:<password>@<>:4200/ Replace username, password and URL to your cluster.

Step 3

Switch to “Advanced Settings” => “Other” and set connect_args in “Engine Parameters” as follows:


Again replace the URL to your cluster accordingly.

Step 4

Test your connection and you should see the success message “Connection looks good!”. Press “Connect” or “Finish” to save your changes.